Xhaka needs to calm down

Former Switzerland player KubilayTurkyilmaz has told Arsenal and Switzerland international Granit Xhaka that he needs to calm down.

He said that he cannot understand Xhaka playing style and why he always has to be aggressive on the pitch.

Indeed Granit Xhaka has been banned for four games after a reckless challenge on a Burnley player. Before that, the Arsenal midfielder has been sent out nine times in the space of four years.

This is too much for KubilayTurkyilmaz as he believes that the player should be more careful in the future. He said that sending off means that you put your team at risk of losing a game, and also you miss out some important games.

KubilayTurkyilmaz said that Granit Xhaka needs to calm down and understand that there are some rules that you need to follow on a football pitch. He said that some of the fouls he commits are purely stupid and not tactical.

KubilayTurkyilmaz said that Granit Xhaka should analyze the play better and find out other ways to break down the opposition play. He said that Xhaka should change his playing style if he wants to establish himself in the Switzerland team or else he will just be a liability.

The former Switzerland international said that this is a big disappointment because Granit Xhaka is a talented midfielder and he is just destroying his career with his dangerous challenges.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger stated the same thing and said that Granit Xhaka would have to avoid tackling altogether. He said that Xhaka is weak when it comes to tackling and that it is a bit late to teach him how to do it properly.

For Arsene Wenger, the best thing for him will be to avoid tackles altogether.