USA players would be really hurting not to be able to maintain the lead

The USA players would be really hurting not to be able to maintain the lead that they had secured in their most recent friendly game versus Switzerland.

Yes, they were one player short. Still, they would feel as if they should have secured the win there.

Switzerland got the leveller in the 80th minute of the match to get the game finished with the score of 1-1.

Anybody watching the game would say that America deserved the win there. But, the Yanks don’t have anyone else to blame really. It’s their fault only.

There had been so much talk about their tendency to concede goals in the dying phase of the games and they did that again, lost the advantage.

Switzerland, on the other hand, would be really glad to end the game in a draw. But, they would know that the way they were playing, there was no way they were going to level the scores if the opposition had not gone one man down.

It was actually a lucky break for Switzerland. A little bit of technical mistake in the defence by USA with two players going for the same challenge and Stocker took advantage of the opportunity.

Jurgen Klinsmann, the USA coach, would not have been overly happy to see that. Somebody definitely had to mark that man there

However, if seen overall, it was a much improved performance by America despite the fact that they could not emerge the winners.

They showed that fight, that hunger in the belly which was missing big time when they had taken on Denmark a few days ago.

Versus Denmark, not only had USA lost the lead; they had gone on to lose the game as well by 3-2 and Klinsmann was absolutely furious after that.