The Swiss football Association has already been warned about the severe consequences they could face from FIFA after failing to recognise and penalise FC Sion, who fielded ineligible players in many matches this season.

As a result, the Swiss football Association has moved in to hand a 36-point penalty. The Swiss football Association took the decision to penalise the club for every ineligible player used in the league and European matches this season. This decision comes in the wake of the warning from FIFA that Swiss football could totally eliminated from the world football calendar should they not punish the club.

Initially, FIFA had given the Swiss football Association up until January 14 to take action against the club. Now, the Swiss football Association did not waste any time in taking swift action. The problems with FC Sion started back in 2009, and they were initially given a one-year ban after signing goalkeeper Essam El-Hadary illegally. However, FC Sion played on despite the ban and continued with making many illegal signings this season as well. Six players signed in the summer transfer window have been classified as being illegal, which has prompted sharp response from FIFA.

“The Swiss Football Association has today demanded from FIFA confirmation that the suspension will not now come into effect. FIFA's answer is still being awaited,” the league said in a statement. As a result of this issue, it was thought that Manchester United could be handed a late Champions League spot since every Swiss club would be deemed going against the rules. This would mean the elimination of FC Basel from the Champions League.

However, as it is, FIFA are expected to accept the decision taken by the Swiss football Association over this issue, and FC Basel could play against Bayern Munich as planned.