Football is a game where opposing teams try to outscore each other by chasing a round leather ball.

Yes, there could be some flicks involved, with numerous body parts helping out as players try to get the ball behind a drawn line for a goal to be recorded.

Many times players mistakenly – the usual suspicion – kick the ball or deflect it unintentionally to their own net for an own goal to happen. However, not many players stylishly do this.

A Swiss defender, in a high stakes football match, scored a spectacular goal when he did an overhead kick to send the ball into his own net. The goal is simply astounding!

Pully Football played FC Renens for a chance to make the final of the Coupe de Vaudoise.
Adrien Gulfo, a Swiss lower league football player, 26, wanted to clear the ball from his own box. And he wanted to do it stylishly. Maybe to earn a clap or make the fans jeer. However, his attempt and motive misfired as the ball ended up in the far left of his team’s net in spectacular fashion.

The effort almost cost the team the game. However, the team rallied around to get a final goal to make it 3-3. The game went to penalty shootout after added time, and Pully ended up winners. They are set to face Malley in the final by month end.

The goal made headlines all around but Gulfo was lucky that his team won the game. His demoralizing effort would have been the perfect scapegoat for the loss.