Slovenia “spirit” Edges Off Switzerland

Slovenia secured a great win against Switzerland and according to midfielder Kevin Kampl, it’s their great fighting spirit which played the best influence in snatching the victory from the Swiss grasp.

However, the Slovenia national football team coach has pointed to “high-level” goalkeeping prowess as a much bigger influence in Slovenia’s recent win, in comparison to Kampl’s fighting spirit.

Kampl was naturally delighted to secure the win against the Swiss team.

“It feels great that we have won against such as strong team as Switzerland”, remarked the midfielder while approached to share his thoughts post the desired victory against a strong competitor. “They’re a great squad, they play extremely well & have their players at the great clubs around. It was actually very tough for us.”

He further continued- “In 1st half, we’re just chasing ball. We improvised on our part in 2nd half & we still held good energy reserve. We should be really glad with these 3 points. We have shown a great fighting spirit & the crowd was backing us with full vigor. We need to seal another victory in Lithuania as otherwise the result would be simply meaningless.”

The Slovenia coach stressed more importance on the goalkeeping section. “Definitely we’re glad with these 3 points. Kudos to the guys. We always knew that the Swiss team is one among the strongest but it’s our extremely high-level goalkeeping that saved us while it was the toughest tonight”, shared the content coach.

“I started the match with a couple of forwards in 1st half which spell wrong as the game progressed. With all 3 subs, we spell trouble for the Swiss team. But yet, we are able to score way better than what we showed with the Switzerland match. We need to stay physically better for the next matches.”