Hitzfield Happy With Preparation Made

Switzerland national team boss Ottmar Hitzfeld has stated that he is happy with preparation made by the Swiss national team players for the World Cup 2014. Switzerland will be taking part in the World Cup 2014 after a stunning qualification campaign. However, this tournament will also see the end of Hitzfeld as manager after he has announced that he will be retiring from football. After having played a key role in the development of Switzerland as an important team, Hitzfeld will be looking to go out on a high.

So far, the preparations for the World Cup 2014 have gone well according to the manager. Switzerland have suffered just one defeat for the last two years, when they even managed to beat defending world champions Spain in the previous World Cup 2010. Even though they are the second favourites to reach the knockout stages, Hitzfeld does seem to have a good squad in his hands. France will be the undoubted favourites to win the group, but the second place finish is up for grabs.

The team definitely seems to have recovered after the shock 2-1 defeat against Korea. They recently managed a 1-0 win over Jamaica before taking on Peru in the final friendly match.

"I am pleased that we have won. At the beginning of the game was felt among the players the fatigue of the nine-day training camp. Finally, we have but the game deserved to win. We have trained hard and set a good base. The fact that we have won twice is good for morale. We are on the right track. It's fantastic to see that (such a) defender as Lichtsteiner score a goal. He not only has erased many fires back, but made a wonderful goal," said the manager after the match. Switzerland open the tournament against Ecuador.