The former Bayern Munich manager Ottmar Hitzfeld has said that he believes that either Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund could win the Champions League title this season.

After being in charge of Bayern Munich for many seasons over the years, Hitzfeld is currently managing the Switzerland national team. He has predicted a bright future for the German clubs, who are far more secure in the eyes of the UEFA fair play regulations. Bayern Munich are looking to win the fifth Champions League title, while Dortmund will be seeking the second victory.

Bayern Munich have come the closest in recent seasons after they have been in two finals over the last three seasons. However, they have been extremely unlikely in losing to Inter Milan and Chelsea in the two finals, but Hitzfeld is predicting a German victory this time around. The Champions league final will be held in Wembley this year. Dortmund have never won the title away from home, but they have been extremely good in recent seasons. They have managed to beat Bayern Munich to the title in last two seasons, while they have also qualified for the knockout stages of the Champions League by beating the likes of Real Madrid and Manchester city this season.

"I do not see Schalke [winning the Champions League] as they never have the necessary consistency. But I think both Dortmund and Bayern could win the Champions League. Much depends on the draw, but the fact is - the German league is as strong as ever. I cannot imagine returning any time soon. I have a contract unitl 2014 in Switzerland and would like to go the the [2014 FIFA] World Cup in Brazil," said Hitzfeld regarding the possible winners of the Champions league this season and also his future with the Switzerland national team.