Despite having an unassailable 16 point lead at the top of the table, Swiss club FC Basel have said that they will not be celebrating the title until they are extremely sure that Luzern will not be able to win the title.

FC Luzern are currently engaged in a battle with the Swiss football Federation surrounding the Sion club.

It is a long-running saga that almost resulted in an international ban for the Swiss national football team. FC Basel had a 3-0 win over Sion during the weekend. This effectively sealed the title because only five matches remain in the season for the second placed a club Luzern, who currently trail FC Basel by 16 points.

FC Basel have a total of 62 points from the matches played so far in the campaign, while Luzern have 46 points. However, there is a possibility that Luzern might claim an additional two points depending upon the result of the tribunals.

As a result, FC Basel have said in a statement on their official website that they will not be regarding that the title has been won this season. Instead, they will be waiting unless it is possible for the club to get the title even if the two points are reinstated for Luzern.

"Basel will only celebrate our 15th title if Luzern cannot catch up by winning their remaining five games plus two possible points from the tribunal. That means that the title cannot be guaranteed with absolute certainty with a win..... on Sunday. Correspondingly, there will be no celebration," said statement on the official website of FC Basel before the game. Swiss club Sion were detected 36 points after fielding ineligible players, while FIFA also threatened to ban the Swiss football Federation from participating in international tournaments for their failure to penalise Sion.